Moving Files

I tried to move the Audacity project files and there perspective folders to another directory for better organization but then the program would not recognize them when I tried to reopen to edit. SO, I had to put them back into the original folder and then “Save as” them all to the new folder. Why did this happen???
This is bad, if I want to back them up and zip them and later open and put them in a different folder to use.
Audacity ver 2.1.0 on windows 7 Ultima

This is an Audacity Project.

You should be able to do whatever you want with them as long as you keep them together in the same location, folder or directory.

However. There is a technique for speeding up Audacity where you make Audacity go out and play external sound files only when they’re needed. The down side of that is the inability to move an Audacity show without also moving all the external files and in exactly the same locations they were during editing.

You can force Audacity to make internal, personal copies of all its files if you know you’re going to move the Project.

File > Check Dependencies.


Save Project As is the only safe and foolproof way to make a backup because Audacity projects have a dual structure, AUP file and _data folder which depend on each other internally.

If you must move them by hand, copy both the original AUP file and the original _data folder to a new or different folder. Do not copy into the same folder and then move.

The current Audacity version is 2.1.2. You can get it from us at


Do not copy into the same folder and then move.

Why is that?

Wouldn’t that seem to be awkward and dangerous?


The problem is copying into the same folder, whether you then move or not.


So since everything on a computer is a folder…