Moving files to windows movie maker

Hi all I haven’t been able to move my audio from audacity into my windows movie maker. So I recorded the audio on audacity using a blue yeti microphone and then exported it as a WAV signed 16 bit PCM file. When I try to add this to my movie maker it says that it is not supported and I can’t get the audio! I’ve tried to save it as a WMA but it says something about it not being properly formatted. All help is appreciated as this has been very stressful.

I found [u]this[/u].

That’s really a Windows Movie Maker question… I’ve never used Windows Movie Maker. Most video editors will allow you to replace the audio, and most video editors will accept audio (and video) in a variety of formats, and then the format gets converted (if necessary) when the video is rendered.

WAV is usually foolproof. Movie Maker will probably compress the audio to another format (WMA?) when you render the video, but I would expect it to accept WAV as in input format. (I found one source that said it must be MP3, but I don’t believe that.)

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Thanks I appreciate the response! Weirdly enough after turning my computer off and then on it seems to have started working so i’m hoping it will continue that way.