Moving AUP between operating systems and more

I have found the answer in Aud manual and elsewhere but as I get lost in much of the tech speak I need to be sure I have this down.
I built an AUP sequence on my Macbook Pro running High Sierra. Sequence is finished but for other reasons I will be running sequence (and xLights) on a PC running Windows 10.
On my Mac desktop is the Audacity file labeled ‘Lightshow1’ with the Audacity icon. There is also a folder labeled ‘Lightshow1_data’.
From what I’ve read I need to put BOTH of those files on removable media (flash drive) then move it to the PC.
Am I following correctly? Any bugaboos to look for?

Second question is more sequence related.
Completed sequence is over 18 minutes and I’m wanting to add to BEGINNING of sequence. I have lots of stacked tracks where only sections are used. So is there a way to select ALL the tracks and move them with the timing slider and insert new audio at the beginning without losing fades etc?

Thanks so much for all the help. I’m looking forward to exploring all the power of this software as it has proved amazing so far.

Joe S.

If I understand this…

Shift-Click just right of the UP button on each track you want to move. They should all highlight. Pick the Time Shift Tool, click on any one of them and push. (Scroll down or click on the forum graphic).
Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 21.49.42.png
I moved all of them, two, three, four and five at once.


Do you have any safety copies of the work or any Unique Projects saved in a safe place? How would you feel if Audacity went face-first into the mud and took your show with it right now?

At least have copies of all the work and individual sound files that went into the show.


Yes, you need to move Lightshow1.aup and the Lightshow1_data folder together to the PC, and make sure they end up in the same folder. One very safe way of accomplishing this is to create a “Lightshow1” folder and put the AUP file and the _data folder into it. Then copy that folder to the USB drive and thence to the PC.

To time shift all tracks, do Select > All, then use the Time shift tool to shift the tracks.

– Bill

Be careful when naming things to use normal alpha-numeric characters only.
Some characters are OK to use on Mac but not on Windows.
Characters that are safe on all platforms are:
a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphen, underscore.
On most modern systems, spaces are also safe, though as you may have noticed in some web addresses, they sometimes get converted to %20.

Backslash "" and forward slash “/” are NOT safe characters. Never use them when naming anything on a computer if you want it to be portable.

Example, to name a recording project with time and date:

Good (Perfect):

Probably OK:
My recording 18-01-2018 16-35

May have problems. Not recommended
My recording (© 18ₜₕ Jan 2018)

Bad. Don’t do this.
My recording 18/01/2018 16:35

WOW!!! You guys are not only fast, but efficient too! No wordy geek-speak to confuse me. I truly appreciate it all of you.
I will do the move as recommended, into one folder then move that folder. If all hell breaks loose and it doesn’t work well I am leaving the originals on the Mac so I can try try again.

I assumed there was a SELECT ALL option but didn’t know if it was recommended. Again, thanks so much.

Off to the races!!!