Moving and renaming a file while project open corruption

G’day everyone,

I just finished a project and I pushed ctrl+s. I needed to move the file in another directory and rename it. I didn’t bother to close the file. I simply used the GUI on my Ubuntu 20.04.2 file system to move it and change the name. The open project didn’t rename itself before I closed it and I thought exiting it would make it refresh. Instead it corrupted the file and Audacity couldn’t recover it. I moved the file back to where it was and changed the name back to what it was but this didn’t change anything. archive manager can’t open it but I could open it with a text editor. I copied the text and tried to open it as a raw audio file. This resulted as a 8 minute video being a 0.74 second buzz. I figured it must be compressed and I don’t know what to do from here.

Note the file size is: 32.6 kB.

Got any advice?

Which Audacity?