Moving a track from one project to another

Is there a way of copying a track out of one project and moving it into another project?


The Get Out Of Jail card is select the track by clicking just above MUTE. File > Export Selected Sound > WAV (Microsoft) > name it > OK.

File > Import that sound file into your new Project.

DO NOT use any MP3 files in this process. This Export/Import thing doesn’t work as well with them.

There may be ways to do this within the actual Project, but it’s much harder because you can’t have two different Projects open at once.


Generally the best and safest way is to “Export” the audio as a WAV file. If you only want one track of a multi-track project, or just part of a track, use “File menu > Export Selected Audio”. The WAV file may then be imported into another project. Normal 16-bit WAV format preserves very good sound quality, but there is a very tiny amount of added noise. To avoid losing any sound quality, export as “32-bit float” WAV. This option is in the “other uncompressed files” options.

A quicker way, is to open the second project via the “File menu > Open” menu option. You can then just copy and paste from one project to another.n Personally I’m less keen on this method because having multiple projects open at the same time can cause unexpected problems. Usually there will be no problem, but there’s lots of things that “could” go wrong, and I prefer to avoid such risks.

Thank you very much