moved section can't be replaced?

Win7 Pro w/ 2.3.1

This happens on earlier versions as well. Never could seem to document it but will try now with screen shots. I doesn’t happen every time but enough to drive me crazy trying to fit a section that originally fit but now needs trimming…

To test the process simply split a section, move it to another track then try to move it back in place w/o changing either the size of the section or moving the adjoining track parts. Note that ALL the pics show the same size section and opening. Also shown are attempts at moving section left or right to fit zoomed in but no matter what I do outside of trimming it, can not get it to fit back where it came from. Opening is exact same size as section so I’m at a loss how to restore the track w/o trimming.

Note: Usually this is a problem when moving sections from one part of the track to another but if it didn’t fit I assumed my opening just wasn’t big enough. By testing a section just being split, moved and attempted to replace, seems to verify something wrong with the process.

(rest of pics)