Moved .AUP files, need help recovering sound!

Hello folks. Short and sweet. I’m running windows 7, and audacity 2.0.6. I have a collection of audacity projects and their respective data files in a folder named ‘audacity files’. This is where I always kept them, no problems here. Recently I created a sub-folder for songs I wanted finished, just for organization. After moving files (both .AUP and _Data folders) into the sub-folder I no longer get any sound. The projects will open, my tracks are still visually there but no sound. Can anything be done? I really don’t like the thought of just losing all my work this way.

Thanks in advance for any advice

peace x

Are WAV or AIFF files that your project depends on in that subfolder? If you don’t copy in WAV or AIFF files to the project when you first import them, Audacity hardcodes an absolute path to those files in the AUP file.

If that is what happened you have either got to do a find and replace on the hardcoded “aliasfile” path in the AUP file, or (easier and safer) move the dependent files back to the path stated in the AUP file. You can look at File > Check Dependencies… to check where any dependent files should be (or open the AUP file in a text editor).

You can use Import / Export Preferences to change the preference to copy in WAV and AIFF files to the project so that if necessary you can then move, rename or delete files you imported into projects.