move exported files not copy

Hi, i apologise if there is a double post, but ill try again

Basically what i want to do open a mp3 file from one folder, modify it and then export it to a different one, and delete the original in the process, in other words modify the file and then MOVE it.

Cant find a solution anywhere, any help appreciated

Windows 7 32 bit, audacity 2.02

Past the fact that it’s extraordinarily dangerous, most operating systems will not let you do this. Moving only moves files without changing them. This is the same problem with people wanting to continuously update one sound file every time they edit or make a change. Any error or machine problem at any time and there’s no show and no way to get one since there are no backups.

I would keep the old folder around and only delete it after you deliver the final work to the client. Even then, I have pre-production and raw capture work over a year old.


Audacity cannot do that. It would be a feature request, and probably not one that a developer would be very interested in implementing.

I assume you are aware that you lose quality by re-encoding an MP3. You can use other programs to edit MP3 losslessly, if the edits are just volume changes or cuts and pastes. See .