move around recording

Have a long 2+hrs voice tape and would like to move around to certain spots on the recording. Can’t figure out how to jump to say the 45 minute mark of the recording without holding down arrow keys for ----- minutes. Actually I need to find middle point, cut into and burn to 2 cds.



Click on View menu > Fit in Window. Now you can see the entire 2 hours.

Click with the selection tool near the point you would like to edit. Repeatedly click the zoom in button until you can see the detail you need.

Use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll through the waveform.

– Bill

Or you can use the Selection Toolbar which is normally at the bottom left of the Audacity window. See this page in the manual:

But you probably want both methods … :slight_smile:


When playback is stopped:
Zoom can also be achieved using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.
Shift+Mouse Wheel will scroll left/right.

Wow, thanks for the responses. (first time user of forum)