Mouse scroll/ Track Selection

Hi, all,
Firstly, thanks to the Audacity team for making such a great software! :slight_smile:

I have two issues that annoy me and I can’t resolve.

  1. When I click a track, a lot of times the click is treated as a double-click and the whole track is selected. Any way to disable the double-click functionality?
  2. When I scroll the mouse wheel over the left edge of a track, it zooms in. Again, is there any way to disable this?

I’m using ver. 2.1.2, with Win. 10.
Thanks for any advice!

Not currently. Double-click is meant to select all the track or all the clip.

You mean it zooms in vertically? It only zooms in vertically if you are holding CTRL. Hold SHIFT and right-click over the vertical scale to reset the vertical zoom. We’re talking of adding a “dead” boundary between left edge of track and the vertical scale so that the mouse has to be a little way into the vertical scale before mouse actions affect that scale.


Thanks for the reply, Gale.
With regards to the scroll - yes, vertical zoom, but for me, it happens even without the CTRL being pressed: just by having the mouse hover over the vertical scale at the left end of the track, and then scrolling. Is this expected behavior?

Scroll over the vertical scale without modifier keys should just scroll the track vertically up/down, not vertically zoom.

In the upcoming 2.1.3, scroll without modifier will scroll the project window up/down if there are sufficient tracks for a vertical scrollbar to be present, even if the mouse is over the vertical scale. To vertically scroll the track the mouse is over, you will have to hold SHIFT while over the vertical scale.


Thanks! :slight_smile: