mouse problem

I record mono track 1. It’s 10 seconds long. I then want to place my mouse at 3 seconds so I can start recording onto a 2nd track.
I am unable to set the cursor at any point, let alone 3 seconds. I think this has something to do with start and end points ( the little grey triangle) - but I can’t adjust that either. I swear I’ve never had this problem before. So I guess my basic question: In Audacity how do you set a playback starting point? (if you don’t want to be ‘0’.)

Click on the waveform at the point that you want to start playback.

If you only want to play a shorter section, click and drag to “select” the part of the waveform that you want to play.
(“Selections” are used for many things in Audacity. For example, if you want to apply an effect to part of a track, you “select” the part first, then apply the effect.)

If you find that clicking snaps to exact seconds, or fractions of a second, turn off “Snap To” near the bottom of the main Audacity window. (see:

If you are still having the issue, try Tools > Reset Configuration.