Mouse Cursor changes when editing audio

In the new version when I want to top and tail my audio and/or edit portions of the audio, my cursor changes from the selection tool to a hand with a finger pointing to the left or right. Once the cursor changes to the hand it won’t allow me to highlight audio to delete it. I’m frustrated. Please advise.

The “pointing hand” is the cursor that enables you to change the selection boundaries.


Thank you for your response. Is there a setting within the DAW that I can change? I like to be exact with my editing and it won’t allow be to be as accurate as I need to be. Thanks again!

A setting to change what ?


I’m wondering if there is a setting to stop the cursor from changing into the “hand.” The selection tool (The I Beam) is good enough. I’ve been using Audacity for about a year now and this is the first time the cursor has caused a problem for me. The “hand” is either selecting too much audio, and I am unable to pinpoint what I want to delete, or it isn’t selecting any audio at all. Thanks for all your help!

No sorry, there is no setting for that.

But Muse are planing on revising the cursors some time in the future so this may change.


Gotcha! Thank you. In the meantime, I won’t be able to use Audacity. Hopefully, it will be taken care of soon. But I am beginning to think I am the only one with this issue. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bizarre you’re having this situation. With this newest update, I’m literally having the opposite experience - LOL! I cannot get rid of the “I-Beam.” I want the hand pointer, bu cannot get it to appear unless I click within the track. Then it appears, to allow for dragging, and thereby highlighting a section.

Otherwise, I cannot make te hand appear!

I use the “hand” to click on the divider between sections (clicking on the divider with the finger/hand joins sections). Without the hand there is no pointer or cursor to click on the line between sections. As a result, I have to use keystroke commands Cntl+J instead.

Sorry to hear you’re having “cursor problems,” too. I wouldn’t mind the hand cursor if it worked. For me, it is over-selecting what I need to delete. If I want to delete a breath it will also select a portion of usable audio in addition to the breath. Then it won’t let me adjust the selection. When I try to remove silence at the beginning of my audio it will select less than I want. Then I can’t select anything afterward. Sounds complicated, I know. It wasn’t a problem before the “Muse” update. So, as I have said Audacity is useless to me until that is corrected in a future update. That is if they are aware there is an issue with it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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