Mouse clicking causing play on waveform

Hi All,

I’ve been using audacity for years on Ubuntu and find it really helpful and pretty intuitive. Unfortunately, I have to migrate to Windows for work, which means I’m taking Audacity with me. Here I find a new behaviour that I struggle with, which is this: Clicking around the waveform keeps causing the selection bar to turn into a playback bar, where it will playback forwards or backwards, and basically follow the mouse around playing what’s under it. Is there a way to turn this behaviour off? I prefer to be able to wave the cursor around without it playing randomly.



Actually, it’s not mouse clicking that is doing this, but mouse-over movement - but sometimes, not always. This occurs particularly often when the play bar runs over the ‘page’ and a new section of waveform appears - then if I move my mouse, it jumps to there, or plays backwards if the mouse is moving from right to left. Very weird.

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It sounds to me that on Windows you have Audacity 2.1.1 or later and are CTRL-clicking in the waveform, which enables Scrubbing and Seeking. The only reason that would not happen on Linux is that you have an obsolete (pre-2.1.1) version of Audacity on your Linux system.

If assume you are pressing CTRL by accident but if you do want the old CTRL-click behaviour where the CTRL-click starts playback at the click position, and mouse movements do not affect playback, just perform an unmodified left-click in the Timeline instead: