mouse click recording

Hi I have what seems to be a mouse click at the beginning and end of voice recordings, I have tried noise reduction, silencing,and also changing mic levels to no avail, I didn’t have this problem when using a desktop PC with same equipment , but noticed it when I changed to a laptop
Using Audacity 2.2.
2 on windows 7

That’s what DC Offset sounds like. Describe the system. Which microphone and how its it connected?


The mic is 3.5mm frontpanel jack, or a basic pc mic
Connected to the front of the laptop (Toshiba satelite) A200_1s9

@Koz I seems to be ok now when you mentioned DC offset I went to normalise and did some changes the noise click is gone thank you Koz for the clue :slight_smile: Awesome

That’s because one of the features in the Normalization effect is DC Offset removal (and that feature is on by default).