Motu input to Audacity

I have a Motu lite that I use to interface with my computer to get audio in and out of it. How do I get audacity to use it for record? I see motu selected as my input source but I don’t see any input. I need to be able to access the motu and tell Audacity to use 3 and 4 from the motu as it’s inputs.

Please see the pink panel at the top of the page and give us the Audacity version and Mac OS X version (all three numbers for both).

Select the Motu as the device to use for input in /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup. Then on the Input tab of Audio MIDI Setup, set the “Format” to 4-ch and to the same sample rate as the project rate bottom left of Audacity.

If you want to use Motu for Audacity playback, select the Motu in Audio MIDI Setup as the device to use for output. Then on the Output tab, set Format to the same sample rate as the project rate bottom left of Audacity. Audacity does not play more than stereo, so it may be “safest” to set the “Format” to 2-ch.

Restart Audacity. Audacity cannot yet choose to record the last tracks but not the first. So in Device Toolbar, set Recording Channels to “4”. You can click the [X] top left of the redundant recorded tracks to close them.


Which Audacity version, which OSX version and which Motu? See the pink panel on top of this page.

Most Motu’s I’ve worked with [mainly 828], comes with Control Panel software.Maybe yours is a newer one?

EDIT Sorry, Gale, I’m just too slow for ya :laughing:

Still, you have a good point if there is some separate control panel for Motu - fnlmix should look there too to see that (at least) the sample rate matches with Audacity - though I guess changing the Motu settings should be reflected in Audio MIDI Setup?


Usually, these Control Panels replace Audio/Midi setup. So there’s no need to double settings. A/M setup will follow the CP if everything’s in order.

When running an older CP on a newer OSX, this coupling mechanism does break sometimes. Then it can sometimes be fixed by manually setting both apps right.

All the “bigger” makers of audio gear (MOTU, Focusrite, RME, Yamaha, Apogee, UA…) have these for their bigger interfaces. The smaller range (under 8 I/O) usually are just USB audio class compliant these days. As far as the smaller ones are concerned, whatever is there to setup, can be set through Audio/Midi setup.