Motor plugin ... :)

Faraday’s law of electromagnetical motion says that a generator, using up all your energy, will become a motor.

To make this happen with Audacity, a Nyquist Generate plugin was de-generated into a Motivate plugin.

Copy the “motivate.ny” file into the Audacity “plug-ins” folder and after the next start of Audacity click “Motivate me…” in the Audacity “Generate” menu. In the plugin window, choose your favourite setting and click “OK”. The plugin output will make you feel motivated.
motivate.ny (1.24 KB)
Plugin released under GPL v2.

  • edgar

:smiley: I feel so motivated :smiley:

Terrific! - 0.000001 million users already have reported overwhelming success!

Will you be the next to feel motivated?

Try it now, it’s free!

Make that 0.000002 million. Only trouble I have is deciding which setting I like the best. They all work great.

Ragnar (truly motivated)

Yes! - They all are great! - And one is even better than the other! - It’s unbeleavable! - Try it now!