motor noise

I need to know how to get rid of the motor noise I hear in the back ground from the cassette player.

Sincerely Bob Wakeman

That could be tough…

If there’s a section of noise-only you can try [u]Noise Reduction[/u] but if the noise is bad “the cure may be worse than the disease”.

If the noise is low-frequency and this is a voice recording where you don’t need the low frequencies you can try a high-pass filter. Or, you can try [u]Equalization[/u] to knock-down the offending frequencies, but the more you reduce/remove the more damage you’ll do to the sound you want to keep. (You can select some noise-only and then [u]Plot Spectrum[/u] to find the “worst” noise-frequencies.)

Nose Reduction has a recursive problem. Step One (Profile) is to select a small portion of the performance with only noise, so the tool knows what to “chew on.” If the performance has no such performance gap, or the show is so noisy you can’t tell where the gaps are, Noise Reduction is useless or, as above, will create some serious damage.

The posting suggests the motor noise is coming from the cassette player. Is it? Or the tape just has motor noises in with the show?

I know the goal is push a button and all the bad sound goes away. Figuring out what the bad sound is can be a terrific limitation.


If the motor is running at a constant speed there may be conspicuous frequencies you can notch-out …