More Volume


Its possible add to sound files more Volume ?

Adding little bit dB works, but strange echo appears and ruin sound file

You shouldn’t get any echo or reverb from digitally increasing volume. Normally, the ONLY potential side effect is clipping (distorted flat-topped waves) if you try to go over the “digital maximum” of 0dB (AKA 1.0 or 100%). Of course background noise (or other sounds) can become more apparent when the volume is increased.

What kind of recording are you working with? Typically, the “volume problem” is that clipping/distortion is determined by the peak level, whereas loudness/volume percetpion is more related to the average level. This is most-often handled by “manually” adjusting various parts of the recording (or with automatic volume control , or automatic gain control)and then by using dynamic compression.

If you have a highly compressed MP3 file and you make it louder into another highly compressed MP3 file, the new file can sound gargly and honky. Is that what you have? MP3 files are very difficult to process and change.