More than just clicking noises

I have been self learning to edit my VO audio using Audacity. This forum has helped me a lot to improve my editing skills but this one is just something I can’t figure out how to sort it. My recent audios seems to be plagued with this annoying loud buzzing sound. Tried de-amplifying it, fade out, fade in, de- clicker, de-esser, 100hz rumble but nothing seems to work. I attach the audio sample for reference. For this audio, I applied the de-clicker and de-esser after the ACX mastering chain - I wonder if that had an affect? I am not techie so any help will be appreciated please.
More than just clicks.png

nothing seems to work.

Possibly because you’re recorder isn’t at fault. Your player is. Can you listen to the work on something other than your computer? I don’t hear anything wrong with the speech. Certainly no “loud buzzing.”

Are you using Wireless headphones? If you are, maybe you should stop doing that in favor of the wired version. Wireless introduces instability that’s maybe not the best when you’re in Quality Control mode.


Hi Koz

I am using a wired headphone. I haven’t tried listening the audio in another computer though, I will certainly try that.