More Recording help

I bought this item from Amazon:

It came with “Casstte Mate” software which I installed. I could not make the cassette record to this software. Then I downloaded Audacity 2.1.0. The cassette audio would register on the Audacity software but it would not record. the tutorials are not plain enough for a low-tech guy like me…what am I doing wrong?

Also, I am currently interested only in recordings that are public speaking, not music…if that matters(?) Thanks for any help.

I suggest you use the current Audacity 2.1.3 from then look at

Ask again if you have any questions arising from following our guide.


Thank you for your help. That worked.

Now I am having challenges figuring out how to: 1) label my recording on the 2.1.3 software and 2) transfer this recording to an MP3 file and then to a thumb drive. Have reviewed the manual and it says to go: FILE>EXPORT, but all of the export options are grayed-out…

Any ideas on what to do now? Thank you again.

Click the “Stop” button first. Most operations are unavailable during Play, Record and Pause.

This issue was fixed in 2.1.3

See the Release Notes for 2.1.3:


In other words, fixed just for being paused.


Gale, thanks for your help a few weeks ago. I am attempting the same thing again but cannot get my recording to copy to v2.1.3

I click on the record button, but no “recording” occurs… what am I not doing correctly?

Actually, I cannot see your computer from here. :wink:

My recommendation would be - don’t record cassettes with cheap Chinese junk like you have. Apart from being prone to hum, these sort of devices are often unreliable. If you already have a decent cassette deck, buy a Behringer UCA 202 USB interface and connect from headphones out or line out of your cassette deck to UCA 202.

If you must use your current converter, make sure the USB cable is tight both ends. Make sure you are choosing the USB Audio CODEC as recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. If you don’t see the USB Audio CODEC, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. Remember, it’s best to connect the device before launching Audacity.

Also remember to cold boot Windows regularly. This is necessary for all USB devices, even good ones. Windows button, Power, hold Shift on your computer keyboard and click “Shut down”.