More Input Volume

How can I add more input volume when I´m recording? I habe my realtek micro at maximun and the plug in micro too, but when I play the record is not high enoug, like others recording software, but I like this software more because has more recording options.

There is often a setting in your OS’s driver software called “+20 dB mic boost.” I don’t know exactly where to find it (I think it varies from driver to driver), but if that is turned on you shouldn’t have any more trouble.

If you are using Windows XP in the Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Audio go to the sound recording window and click volume. There is a tick box for the mic boost. However, there are really wide variations in the mic outputs and impedances on the input channel. We have failed to get a decent input signal from many e.g Samson C01U but are really happy with a Altec/Plantronics headset that has its own output select switch with mute/medium and high.