Monterey upgrade ok?

Hi all.

I wanted to check in before upgrading to Monterey on my MacBook pro to make sure I wouldn’t have any trouble with Audacity. I noted on the forum that a few people did. Were those issues isolated or resolved?

Thanks so much,

There is seldom a release of any software by anyone totally devoid of issues. :nerd: To which issues do you refer? :wink:

I honestly don’t remember. I did a search and found some comments about using Audacity with Monterey.

Perhaps they were outliers. There always are as you point out.

Are you telling me that for the most part, it’s ok to upgrade to Monterey and shouldn’t affect Audacity?

I’ve seen some forum posts that indicate that it may be necessary to give Audacity permission to use the microphone (again) after updating to Monterey.

Thanks Steve. That’s harmless enough.