Mono tracks when importing multichannels


I’m working with 16 channel .wav files and when I import them I get 15 tracks with the first one being stereo, I know I can split it with the “split to stereo” command but then I have to go through all of them renaming them which gets a bit tedious.
Is it a way to force Audacity to use ONLY mono tracks?

I’m currently using Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows10

Currently no, though it is logged on the Audacity issue tracker as an enhancement.

The downside of this enhancement is that most multi-channel formats have FL / FR as the first two channels, which is a tangible benefit for people working with multi-channel audio (though a disadvantage for users that just want multiple mono tracks).

Don’t expect a quick fix. There are many other issues and a very small development team. Contributions from experienced C++ developers are welcome.