Mono to Stereo

Hi There :smiley:
Thanks for sorting out the problem I had with the noise on playback, I have another problem now :confused:
The 2 tracks I have (bass+drums) are in mono. I have been looking on google and found this website.

The first part basically describes how to make 2 mono tracks which is not stereo!!
But if you read the 3rd comment by Andrew P. He explains how to simulate stereo with a small bit of delay on 1 channel.
Sounds good to me so I gave it a go.
So I have 2 identical tracks, 1 called left and the other called right.
I have gone to the begining of the top track (left) and clicked it to highlight it.
I click on the generate tab, then pick silence, then use the dropdown menu for and I get, Pic 1
I then make all the numbers Zero except the last one which I put as 2. thinking this is 2 milliseconds.
Then when I click ok on the silence generator the whole track disapears!!! :astonished:
Any ideas where Ime going wrong here or is there another method of turning or simulating mono into stereo :question:
pic 1.jpg

Select the mono track. Edit > Duplicate. Select the top track, (menu on left) Make Stereo Track. That will give you “stereo” in the sense that there are two married identical tracks.

Before you Make Stereo Track, use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push one track later than the other. Then marry them. Instant delay stereo.


You’ve probably selected the entire track. Instead, click the Skip to Start button or press the Home key. Then generate 2 msec of silence.

– Bill

Hi There :slight_smile:
Many thanks for your replies. I must be a bit thick or something because I have tried your suggestions but its still not working.
I have been playing around with it for ages and I have found that if I click on one track to highlight it and put the curser at the begining of the track it changes into a horizontal bar with an arrow pointing left and right. Then if I move the cursor (bar) to the right it does move the track but even the smallest amount that I can get it is still to much because it just sounds like an echo. Not stereo.
I cant see how I can determine how much silence I want at the begining of one track??
Any help will be really appreciated before I pull out whats left of my hair!!
Kind regards.


Use the Zoom In tool (magnifying glass and +) button to zoom into your recording before you try and do the Timeshift (double-ended arrow). You can zoom in as much or as little as you want. If you keep going you will eventually see every individual sample point. So zoom in until you have a suitable granularity on the timeline at the top of the screen.

You have got the “Multi-Tool” selected

Also there is a “Pseudo Stereo” plug-in available here: Pseudo-stereo effect

Hi There.
Many thanks for your replies. :smiley:
I have (with your help) figured out how to slide one track back a little to give a stereo sound.
Although I might give those plug-ins a go as well.
I have done the 2 tracks I have (bass+drums) and then overdubed some acoustic guitar into it.
Ive done all this on a pc with only small desktop speakers and it sounded fine.
I saved it as a file and also exported it as a wav file. Then put the wav file into my hi-fi and AAAARRRRGGG :astonished:
It sounded terrible!! so distorted like it had been recorded at full volume.
Can you tell me if there is a record level to use when exporting, And as I have the file saved, If I open it again
can I export it again at a lower volume???
Looking forward to your replies.
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There is no master mix volume, but you can reduce the volume of each track using the gain sliders in the Track Control Panel.

  • Bill