Mono channel problem

I seem to only get the Left input Meter registering even tho I have a mono 1/8" to my line in with a 1/4" going to my line 6 POD. I want to get both Left & Right signals with 1 mono track when I record a new track to play along with a stereo backing track. How can I do this?

If you plug a mono plug into a stereo Line-In, only the tip of the connector and the protective sleeve will connect which appears as Left-Only in Audacity. If you have Edit > Preferences > Devices set for mono, then Audacity will produce a mono audio track which automatically plays to both ears in a stereo show.

Also, if you select Edit > Preferences > Recording > Playthrough, the show should appear on both green play meters.

From there you can easily duplicate the track (Edit > Duplicate) and make stereo track (from the left-hand drop-down menus) to produce a stereo show with the same voice on both sides.

If you want to do all that in one shot, you need to duplicate your analog show and feed it into the computer as a stereo connection.


Now no meter readings at all…
Devices: are set to 1 (mono)
Recording: Overdub & Playthrough boxes both checked
Top tool bar under input meter is set to 1 (mono) input channel.

the cord I’mmusing is 1/8" mono to 1/4" mono.

How come both meters are not working?


Can anyone help me get an input signal to Left & right meters?