mono and stereo settings (SOLVED)

Hello, I have Audacity 2.0 I just purchased Behringer UFO202 interface. When I went to set up the device I went to preferences and after successfully loading the device I went to set the channels to stereo (2) and the only drop down that came up was mono (1). There was no option for stereo. My recording sounds great but it is only in mono. How do I get the stereo channel drop down to appear in my Preferences-Devices?

As it says in red above: “For all help enquiries, please state which version of Windows you are using…”
I guess that you are using Windows 7 or Vista, in which case you may need to check the Windows sound recording settings and ensure that the USB device is set to record in stereo. Click on the loudspeaker icon near the time and date and look for the recording device settings.

I am using windows vista. and Aud from the .exe. I was able to load the stereo settings thank you.