Hello all
I was getting into Audacity and got it to work on Catalina. i would love to use this program from now on, but I have one big issue. I use as a mic my Apogee one, it works very well, but im used to hear myself during recordings with no latency or delays - monitor through my headphones. and I wasn’t able to get this to work properly. Its always half a second behind…
all Latency changes influence the recordings, but not the monitoring.
It is possible on Garage Band, with the same hardware. I really want to change to Audacity, because of the many more features, but i need this to work.
Any ideas? Thanks for your help

Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough is always going to be “one computer late.” That’s what the trip into Audacity, turn around, and come back out sounds like. ASIO software isn’t going to help. Audacity doesn’t easily support ASIO.

If you know how to compile a program, then you can compile your own version of Audacity with ASIO support for your use only. That’s beyond most people.

So the fuzzy rule is you need to get your live headphone foldback from the device, interface or microphone.

This is a Behringer UM2 (on the left) and it can do it, too.


sorry for missing informations.
My Apogee one has a headphone plug in and is a usb Interface with a built-in microphone. I can’t find the name of my sound card, but its on a macbook pro 2,9 GHz from 2012.
As said, no delay in garageBand.

I know nobody in their right mind would use earbuds for mixing, but they were handy for the photo.

If it’s voice you could always use the classic technique.

Before you scoff, that’s exactly what this lady is doing. Only one headphone muff.


What is the model Apogee?


Got it. If the Apogee had no provision to mix local microphone with computer playback audio, then we’re stuck.

The UM2 has that DIRECT MONITOR button on the front. That’s what it does. Monitors outgoing sound, in hardware, with zero latency.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 16.41.01.png