Monitoring while recording-I'm a novice

I am really new at this, but I’m trying to learn, and I’m trying to just get past the first step. When I record my voice, microphone input, I hear my voice in real time through my speakers, but the monitored track is delayed about .15 second; it displays late, then when I hit stop the displayed track moves up. In playback the voice heard is .15 second of the displayed track. :frowning:

It sounds to me like you need to adjust the “latency correction” - have a look at this post:

That post has to do with Audacity 1.3.3. I am using 1.2.6. How do I do adjust latency with that?

In 1.2 you have to do it manually with the “Time Shift tool”, which is a bit of a pain, but can be done if you zoom in close. The principal is the same, (but it’s loads easier in 1.3 )