Monitoring Turntable Audio

I like the Audacity 2.2.2 interface. No problems recording, editing, exporting, etc. Easy transition from video editing software I use (Camtasia 9).
But I just have to wonder if there’s an easier way to just listen, via my PC, to a record on the turntable without setting up Audacity each time?
This is not a big deal, just looking for a simple solution, if one exists.

I’m guessing that you are using a USB turntable.
Most USB turntables also have analog out which can be connected to a hi-fi amp or powered speakers.

In the Windows control panel you should find [u]Listen To This Device[/u]. That should work without running any applications.

Of course, if you’re listening more than once you’ll save wear-and-tare on the records if you digitize them. You can even get better quality if you “de-click” the digital copies. …Plus all of the other advantages of digital.

Yes, USB turntable. Thanks for suggestion. But connecting to amp/powered speakers isn’t convenient without more cabling and configuration. Plus, would need to manually switch turntable output from USB to Line with a switch on the back of the turntable; also not convenient or handy.
Still hoping for a PC solution.

YES! That’s it. Thanks.
Easy and convenient: In Windows 10, it’s Control Panel → Sound → Recording tab → Line/USB Audio → Properties → Listen tab → Listen to this device (and ignore Power Management). …Now to configure a desktop icon shortcut.