Monitoring through zoom h5 overdub problem [CLOSED]

Let me first say that this forum has already been a great help to sorting out previous problems i’ve had learning how to use the zoom h5 with audacity, and now i feel i’ve come to my last big hurdle before i can be truly overjoyed with this pairing of software and hardware. The problem is, i cannot monitor what i am recording live/overdubbbing into my audacity tracks while using the h5 as an interface, and monitoring through the h5 with headphones in order to avoid latency problems. I’ve already sorted latency problems in other situations, but in this situation, i cannot hear the new track i am laying down in my headphones while the previously recorded tracks are playing. Any ideas? HEWP!

ok, so i can now monitor what i’m recording, with what was previously recorded and laid down on tracks on audacity, but now the new problem is i can’t figure out how to keep the previous recording from bleeding into the new track that’s being laid down… I want purely separate tracks when i overdub… HewP!!

Turn off Overdub in the Transport Menu.


This problem has already been solved in the original topic

Please don’t start a new topic for the same problem. It just makes more work and confusion for everyone. :wink:


Is this the same problem as here?