Monitoring issues with AudioTechnica LP-120 USB


I am using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.3

I was previously able to connect an AudioTechnica LP-120 USB turntable to the computer via USB port, and monitored/recorded audio via the turntable. However, after some time away from the turntable, my settings are no longer intact and I have not been able to record audio through the turntable.

I am also using a Scarlett Solo audio interface as my output device instead of normal computer speakers.

It should be noted that I can hear audio from the turntable by going into my Windows sound settings, selecting the USB Audio Codec device, and using the ‘Listen’ function. Turntable output is audible in this way, but even using the same settings in Audacity, I cannot get any sound through. Audacity is set to Line In from USB Audio Codec (said to be the correct setting for this turntable), 2 (Stereo) recording channels, and Line Out to the Scarlett Solo. If I click ‘Start Monitoring’ in Audacity, no volume measurements are seen in the Meter toolbar. If I attempt to start recording, I am given the message “Error opening sound device”. Even if I try every possible combination of sound devices, as well as switching to Windows DirectSound instead of MME, no sound is heard through Audacity, even though I can hear it through monitoring via Windows.

All of my settings for the Project Rate, Dither, etc. are as recommended in the turntable manual. The manual says no additional drivers are needed, and I have gotten the turntable to record in Audacity previously given the same settings and drivers I have on my computer presently.

Why can’t I hear or record sound from the turntable in Audacity?

Many thanks!!

As a first pass diagnosis:

Make sure the turntable is connected. Transport > Recan. Look at the list of recording devices in the Audacity toolbar. Make sure your turntable is selected. Unplug the turntable. Transport > Rescan. Look at the list again. Did the right device vanish? Was there no change?

They created any number of problems by having generic names for the digital interface software.


Audacity is set to Line In from USB Audio Codec

Are you seeing two USB recording devices? Does one of the selections say “Scarlett”? If not, maybe “USB Audio CODEC” is the Scarlett???