Monitoring broken since 3.1.3

Versions after 3.1.3 do not allow for monitoring on macOS Ventura.

When recording, there is no live monitoring in headphones. Yeti Blue mic with headphones plugged in to microphone. Setup works in Garageband but not Audacity. It had worked previously in Audacity prior to 3.2.x

I have tested this myself. Reverting to 3.1.3 fixes the issue. Please address this issue as many others seem to be having related issues.

Just for clarity, do you mean hearing yourself in the headphones (plugged into the mic), or hearing playback of previously-recorded tracks in the headphones?

Yes, hearing myself in headphones plugged into the mic while recording.

I can’t test this myself. Maybe someone else who has had this issue can chime in?

I suggest you go to Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Click the “Sign Up” button to create a free account, then click the green “New Issue” button to create a bug report.

Yes, thanks. Although, many other users have noted in this issue.

Many references other posts on this former. Clearly an issue for many users.

Thanks for tracking that down. I’ll add your report to the bug thread.

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