monitoring audio while recording

Hello all,

I am using a Thinkpad with Windos xp. When I try to monitor audio while recording a new track, te audio will not play unless I change sound drivers to windows drivers then back to my sound card. I have reduced all tracks to mono, and clicked the prefrence box. Any thoughts?


Can I assume you’re not recording a live microphone or turntable? If you’re doing self-recording (YouTube sound) you could get into trouble with sound routing since that could connect Audacity’s input to its output if you did it wrong. The output dropdown (speaker icon) should point to the speaker or headphone system of your machine. You can also get there with Edit > Preferences > Devices > Playback. The input portion should be Stereo-Mix or whatever your computer calls self-recording.


I am importing a background track, and then my students play an exam over that track

With what equipment? USB headsets? A microphone plugged into a mixing desk connected to the line-in socket of the computer? Something else?

the internal mic

I am importing a background track

That doesn’t affect monitoring. Try to put some flesh on this for us. We can’t see what you’re doing.