monitor output while recording from vinyl

I am copying several vinyl records using audacity. THe end result is pretty good. I am using these settings:

Microphone USB Codi
2 (Stereo) recording
Speakers (realtek)
and the microphone setting (on the far left above my WIindowsDirect setting) is just one mark to the right of the minus sign.

It sounds good when I do playback, but I cannot figure out how to set the audacity program so i can monitor the recording while its being recorded. Ideas?

Thanks so much!

Turn-on [u]Software Playthrough[/u].

In the device toolbar, set the “host” to MME, set the recording input to the USB device, set the playback device to your speakers, and enable “Software Playthrough” near the bottom of the Transport menu.

thanks guys. that did it! may i ask, what is the difference between MME and ‘Windows Direct’ (the setting I was using)? they both seemed to work?

thanks again.!

Very little difference on modern versions of Windows other than a different application programming interface. MME has been around forever and is just about universally supported on Windows, so if in doubt, try MME (it’s the factory default for Audacity).