Monitor in headphones while recording.

Hey all,

I’m having trouble with getting a monitor in my headphones during recording/playback. I discovered in edit/preferences/devices you can switch the play back to “Microsoft soudmapper” This works for giving me monitor in headphones while recording but I experience a lag in when I say something to when its heard in my headphones. I am using a Tascam 4 track recorder as a go between in order to use my microphone, plug in guitar/bass. I plugged the head phones into the Tascam and was able to hear myself fine but now the play back is coming from my computer speakers. Can I get another “red-white to black” cable to go from the computer into the “sub input” to get the sound the play back through the tascam?

I experience a lag in when I say something to when its heard in my headphones.

The good news is what you have is totally normal. You can’t, as a rule, monitor the computer in an overdubbing session. The three special hardware techniques I wrote about in the overdubbing tutorial were chosen because they will mix a live performance for your headphones. I called that “perfect overdubbing.”

There may be a way around this with special Windows environments or drivers. You can use ASIO services, but Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO.


I’m coming from years of garage band so it seems to me like a very basic thing that should be included, but alas it is free so I’ll stop complaining. Here’s to climbing the learning curve.

ASIO is not shipped due to Steinberg not allowing us to disclose their code. Feel free to complain to them.

Normally though you would use a USB interface for what you are doing, which the computer could use directly as a playback device.