Monitor H4N without latency delay

Steve sorry, I don’t know how to contact you into an old post.
I’ve just opened a post into windows, but can’t find it, I paste here my issue:

I’m using a Zoom H4n record as audio interface + Audacity 2.0.6 on my Asus ultrabook with WIN 10.

The multitrack recording works fine, but I need to monitor what I’m recording WITHOUT latency.
Enabling the playthrough into audacity brings much latency! On the other hand, enabling the monitor on the Zoom H4n, I can’t listen the backtrack (because I’m plugin the headphones into the zoom H4n).
A guy on this forum suggest to enabling the zoom H4n monitor and also set it as playing device into audacity settings, I’ve tried, but I can’t listen the backtracks playing from audacity (maybe because the zoom H4n is plugged with an USB cable?).

Any suggestion is much appreciated,
many thanks!

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Update: I see that you have already done that, so I will lock this topic and reply to you here: monitoring play back through Zoom H4N with Audacity 2.0.6