Monitor goes Haywire

Hi there - Help!

I recently installed Audacity (the latest version), and recorded one interview online, which recorded without a problem. Immediately after - which seems too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence! My monitor went haywire. Its a Windows 7 - ive uninstalled Audacity, system restored, and other maintenance, to no effect. There is an odd green flickering line across the laptop screen, and below, the screen flickers and mirror images. Its driving me nuts, and im now not able to view videos etc on my laptop with any quality at all.
Has anyone else experienced this, and, is there a solution? I have my fingers and toes crossed.
Im naturally terrified of reinstalling Audacity, despite its usefulness.

Happy New Year :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that’s a coincidence.

When Audacity isn’t running it’s not doing anything, plus you’ve uninstalled it and you’ve still got a problem.

That’s what happens to your screen when you drop your laptop, not that I would know anything about that.

Thanks guys - seems time for a new laptop. And no. I have never thrown my laptop around - other than the airport carousel! :laughing: