Monitor existing tracks while recording what u hear on pc

but without also dubbing the existing tracks in with new track.

I’ve tried both stereomix and wasapi with loopback and I can’t figure it.
With overdub on I can hear both the old and the new tracks but obviously they get
mixed together on the new track, with overdub off I can’t hear the old tracks and with playthrough I get feedback even on wasapi

Windows 7 notebook, Audacity 2.1.2 installer (my version pref)

[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u]

From that link which I’ve already looked at.

Further Help

If, no matter what you do, the show sounds terrible or does not work at all, drop in to the Forum where we can try to help you further.

I think you have conflicting conditions. In order to get Overdubbing to work, Audacity has to see “clean” recording and playback services. Record from my microphone and play to my headphones, for example. Stereo Mix and the other tools in that service intentionally mess with the sound channels.

That’s one of the reasons you can’t reliably use Audacity to record Skype.

Stereo Mix makes everything playing on your machine into one device and then runs Playback and Record at once. Audacity needs Playback and Record to be separate.

So you’re out of luck on one computer.

There is one app which might help. Voicemeeter is an app that creates new sound channels to replace the confused ones.