.mogg file not opening and no error message


I just got this torrent of all the .mogg files from the Beatles Rock Band game, and most of them seem to be working fine. But one [37 - I Want You (She’s So Heavy).mogg] will not open in Audacity. After I select this file, the usual import box shows with the time remaining info, and after about five seconds it just stops, with no explanation.

The only thing I can add is that the song is a longer song (7 minutes 47 seconds on the record), and the file is larger (144 MB)…would this cause a problem??

I also tried changing the file extension to .ogg and it still didn’t open.

Thanks for your help =)

Mac OS v10.6.8
Audacity v2.0.0 installed from the dmg

Does the problem file play in other programs?
What does QuickTime say about the file format?

This is the message I get when I try to open it with Quicktime:

The document “37 - I Want You (She’s So Heavy).mogg” could not be opened. QuickTime Player cannot open files of this type.

But Quicktime doesn’t open any .mogg files, and that makes sense to me, since .mogg files are “multitrack” files.

The file opened in Reaper. Does this mean this is a bug?

Not necessarily.
The fact that other .mogg files open correctly but this one doesn’t indicates that there is something different about this file compared to the others. It could be something as small as incorrect header data. If the file is not correctly formed then it is not an Audacity bug if it doe not open correctly, even if other programs are tolerant of the error in the file.

I don’t use Macs so I’m unsure what tools are available for analysing media files.
There appears to be a Mac version of MediaInfo so you could try looking at the file with that to see if that detects any difference between the file that won’t open and those that do. MediaInfo - Download