Modulating percussion and piano

I’ve recorded a LP of a jazz trio and find the low end (Percussion and bass) overwhelms the piano. Is there a way of modulating the relative loudness of the piano and rhythm sections?

The fuzzy rule is you can’t take a performance apart into individual instruments and voices in order to apply filters or effects. You can apply filters, but they will affect all the instruments.

Could you be listening to the LP rip on a bad sound system or headphones? I have a set of cheap Sony headphones that make everything sound boomy and robust.

Effect > Equalization > Flatten, Graphic Eq, OK.

That will give you a graphic equalizer similar to the one in a high-end sound system or guitar amplifier with sliders along the bottom. Adjust the sliders and apply the tool to hear what they do and whether or not they’ll help.


Thanks. I listened to the recording I made on my computer with not so good speakers and to the disk I made on my ok house system. Problem on both which I don’t remember from the LP. I’ll try the changes you suggested, but am not optimistic.