Mods help me out

i cant export i tried all over and over pleas help (i use windows 11)

We don’t know enough to guess at it.

What’s the show? You recorded your voice in Audacity? Which Audacity?

Do you use Cloud drives?

Has this ever worked? How long is the show?


1.version 10 2.i use it for low quality music 3.yes i use one drive 4.its been working in the past week 4.starting this morning

You should probably stop. Do all your production on your computer’s internal drive. Further, you might disconnect the network services while you’re working.

It seems like your One Drive is just another handy drive connected to your machine. It’s not. Network drives have Collision Detection, Routing Management, Error Processing, and Resend Scheduling. All this is happening in the background where you don’t see it.

Audacity naturally assumes that any drive it can see can be used for its most delicate, difficult, important jobs. It’s at a complete loss if a working drive starts acting “funny.”

You can totally push work out to One Drive for storage and then pull it back in for production later. Just don’t let Audacity see you do it.


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