Modifying Shuttle Display

I am using version 2.1.2 on a windows 10 64 bit systems.

I would like to be able to have the waveform scroll from right to left past the shuttle. This would facilitate my being able to stop at a precise instant in time. However, I have not been able to find a methodology for setting this. I have checked the Help, and the Manual and have done a search here in the forums to no avail. I am sure I am missing it.

Can anyone help?



I am sure I am missing it.

I’m pretty sure you’re not. That’s a version of scrubbing that Audacity can’t do quite right yet.

You can set Audacity to flip screens as it plays. I think that’s as close as we get.
Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks: [X] Update…

My old Cool Edit (Adobe Audition) could do that.

There are a number of navigation tools that work from Stop (but not Play).

Zoom (Windows)
– Drag-select something on the timeline and zoom into it. Control-E
– Zoom out a little bit. Control-3
– Zoom out full. Control-F

– Shift-ScrollWheel will shift the timeline view left and right (sooner and later).

Change the timeline so it doesn’t shift by itself:
– Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update display while playing. (de-select)
…Note: Update Display is good during recording.


“Shuttle” is not an Audacity term for anything in the interface, but if you want to scrub the waveform backwards, CTRL + double left-click. See