Modify Plot Spectrum

How can I modify plot spectrum to show a specific frequency range and change the step of the plot so say 100hz to 300hz with a step of 1 so 100…, 101…, 102…

/ can someone make a new plugin to do this?

The only way to change the “Plot Spectrum” in the Audacity “Analyse” menu is adding new functions to the Audacity C/C++ source code.

The builtin Audacity Nyquist FFT functions are broken (see this thread), so writing a plugin with already builtin Audacity Nyquist functions is currently not possible and I have no idea when this will be fixed.

The only workaround I know is using the Spectutils package together with GNU Octave (free MatLab clone) and Gnuplot to make your own 2D and 3D FFT spectrograms.

  • edgar