modify channels/tracks separately

Hi, I think what I’m looking for is an how to on how I can pick one of my two stereo channel (or are they tracks now) and modify it. You’ve noticed I’m a bloody amateur, so let’s say both tracks/channels have a sine on it with 200hz and i was aiming to set the left channel up 15hz to 215hz (no I’m not but the example fit’s). I can do something like this with pitch if I see this right but only for both channels at the same time. My question is now how can I apply effects only to one channel/track at a time. Thanks

All you need to do is to split the stereo track nto two separate tracks - command is available from a dropdown from the downward pointing black triangle at the top right of the track header. You can then select each track in turn and work on it independently. After editing is finished yoo can rejoin the tracks to make a stereo pair again (you will need the black triangle in the topmost of the two tracks).


Hmm it will appear that even after I’ve split them (tried that before) it is still modifying both tracks even though only one is highlighted. If I create a new stereo track, split it and do the same it seems to work. Not sure why but maybe its just me still being clumsy.