mod-script-pip "..does not exist" win10

Hello, I am trying to learn more about audacity scripting, and am following the instructions online at

Seems like the first step is running the file:

I enabled mod-script-pipe in audacity preferences and restarted, it’s now set to “Enabled” every time I open audacity.
If i run the file though I get an error:

I’m running on win10 ubuntu subsystem

$ python3, running on linux or mac
Write to  "/tmp/"
 ..does not exist.  Ensure Audacity is running with mod-script-pipe.

Is there something else i need to do to get my console connecting with audacity? Thanks

What do you mean by “win10 ubuntu subsystem”?

Fixed by looking in this thread:

and launching audacity.exe from the windows 10 command prompt terminal command line. I have commands working now, thanks