Mobilepre USB help

I just purchased a mobilepre USB preamp and hooked it up to Laptop and my c-1 behringer condenser mic. I am getting a lot of crackling in the direct monitoring aswell as in the actuall recording in audacity.

I went to my local music shop and tested the mic and the cables to make sure they werent the problem. So its either the preamp or something to do with the computer.

Is this something faulty causing this or is it my setup. Is it something to do with noise coming from my computer. Please help I was really hoping to upgrade from my cheap usb mic and thought this was the way to do it. At the moment the crappy logitech mic is getting better results

please help


Crackling in the monitor signal? That’s either a bad audio device, bad USB cable (seems unlikely), bad USB port (happened to me with a FireWire port once) or the driver software isn’t working right.

It’s easy to test the USB port and cable, but those probably aren’t the problem.

I have a lot of experience with M-Audio products (both the MobilePre and the Delta 1010LT), and I know they’re software works pretty solidly. But I only use XP. If you’re a Vista user (you didn’t say), I think M-Audio hasn’t finished updating all their drivers. So you might have to wait for them to finish writing them.

At this point, the best thing to do is talk to their Tech Support.

reviews here say it is noisy.

a more professional solution is the Lexicon Omega usb
picture here US$200 £140
front picture here
reviews here, here, here, here & here says do not set your buffer settings too low or you get crackling - they have a 2Mb audio file explaining this. has a demo on installation.

Now now, if we’re talking about better interfaces, the M-Audio Delta 1010LT trumps the Lexicon Omega soundly and can be had for the same price (at least, at