mixtrack ( not PRO ) Recording possible with audio 2 dj?

As in title, is it possible? I’m assuming its not…

If it isn’t, whats a cheap option ( audio interface ) that will allow me to record my mixes out of the numark mixtrack.

The audion to dj is usb, with one jack going to my monitors and another jack going to headphones for cue.

Thanks for your time and any responses!

You’re going to have to describe that one a little more. I think I expect that to work, but I can’t visualize how you have it all wired.

The numark is an analog mixer, right? Pretend you’re talking your mom into wiring hers up before a gig.



that’s the best i could do.

the “NI audio 2 dj” has 2 outputs, 1 goes to headphones other splits to monitors(speakers). there is no input. it is USB and connect directly to the PC.

The “numark - mixtrack” is connected to the PC by USB.

s basically my pc stock sound is not used at, i though audacity would solve this.

Use Audacity 1.3.13 and set the recording input in Audacity to “Stereo Mix”.

brain fart. I can just line out to line in on my mac with audacity running. all good.

PS to above , tried, no dice!

wow the audio quality is horrible with line in to the mac :frowning:

It’s not clear (to me) whether the USB connection permits recording from the device …
numark mix track~.png

Yeah well there’s no record button and if you oppen dj software such as traktor the Record button would be deactivated. However, I thought that audacity might be able to change this.

they say in one of the promos somewhere that if recording is not necessary then “this ones for you”. ( me thinks…Audacity! )

I’ve had a quick Google, it seems that the inability to record is a crippleware thing …

The main differences between Traktor LE and Traktor Pro are … there’s no facility to record your mixes.

i.e. it is not a hardware limitation, the software which comes with it is partially disabled to encourage you to buy the Pro version software to obtain all the features.

Others resort to using audacity and line-in … VirtualDJ - HOW DO I RECORD WITH THE NEWMARK MIXTRACK PRO USING AUDACITY


im using traktor pro 2.