Mixing voice with music.

I’m still new with audio mixing and all that stuff, especially with Audacity. I tried searching for easy ways to mix some voice clip with an audio track. What I’m trying to do, basically, is to mix a few words I’ve taken from a TV show, and have them repeat on different tones, while making sure the voice fits perfectly with the music.

It might sound simple, but it’s only after I tried I realized how complex that is, to have decent results at least.

I was only wondering if there was any easy way to do that with Audacity, other than manually editing the tempo and the length of the voice clip for hours?


There’s no way that Audacity (or any other app for that matter) can automatically read your mind and know which clips you want where, so that’s definitely a manual job. Although if that feature could be added, every musician and DJ on the planet would want a copy! :slight_smile:

You can make sure that you’re not making extra work for yourself. For example, prepare and process the clips first, then reuse them as required through the track (instead of returning to the original recording and copying and processing the same phrase over and over again).

Depending on what you want to do, there are other apps that are arguably better at sequencing audio clips. Audacity can’t do things like automatic beat matching and stretching that in your case may make your project less manually intensive. While I love Audacity for recording and editing audio tracks, I use Cakewalk Project 5 for sequencing samples. It comes down to personal preference, but I find that it better suits my needs in that department. However, there are other users around here who create excellent results completely in Audacity.