mixing unmixed tracks on audacity from 4 trk recorder? help

I have some cassettes of unmixed songs from my 4 track recorder (which died on me) that I am transferring and recording onto Audacity. It records fine onto Audacity, the problem is it sounds unmixed…super SLOOOOOOOOW dragging voice and LOW pitch and SLOW tempo. Does that make sense? I tried highlighting the track and doing “quick mix” but it still sounds the same. how can i mix the track and make it sound NORMAL and up to speed? :astonished: pls help!

Is this a cassette recorder, a flash recorder, or other? Are you actually “Recording”, or “Importing Files”?

(Seems you have a sample rate mis-match somewhere, just trying to narrow down where)

hey, thank you for your reply. i was able to fix the problem by clicking on the “change speed” effect and increasing it to 94%…it sounds great now.

By the way, I was just transferring already recorded (unmixed songs) onto audacity from a standard radio cassette player and using a double ended 3.5mm (1/8") audio cable from the radio cassette player to my pc. Thanks, :slight_smile: