Mixing the same track

I am trying to increase the volume of my lossless audio files. I have a question in regard to this which I can’t seem to find answered previously.

If I import a (non-clipping) identical FLAC file twice, and export it as a FLAC without amplifying either track (mixing it down to 2 stereo channels) the DB level increases and it shows as clipping. The track in question went from 87.9 to 94.0

I had originally intended to mix the original FLAC (with no clipping) with an amplified version (with clipping) to see if I could increase the overall volume and maintain a good quality track.

Why does the overall DB level increase when I mix the same track.

All Audacity does is add the two shows together. That’s a 6dB change – up. If either show was over -6 when you did that, the show will probably overload and clip.

You can try to reduce both shows 6dB with the Amplifier tool before you start messing with them. That’s a pretty good idea with any kind of extensive production manipulation.


If all you want to do is increase the volume of an audio file in Audacity, simply use the Amplify effect and then re-export it.

Thanks for the replies. I will stick to the simple ‘amplify’.

I wish there was an easy way to fix all my FLAC’s and MP3’s (for my ipod/WMP/WDTV etc.) so they play without the volume changing from song to song. I’ve manually amplified every track to it’s maximum without clipping, but there are still some huge variances.

For your iPod, look up “Sound Check” in your iPod manual.